Arctic Grayling in MN

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Arctic Grayling in MN

As some of you know I was just in Alaska for two weeks. Went to anchorage, Seward, homer, Denali, and Fairbanks.  Upon arriving to the train station in Fairbanks we called an Uber.  Our driver happened to work as an aquatic engineer and works closely with the Alaska Fish and Game.  We chatted about fishing and I mentioned that I’m from MN and am going to major in fisheries biology.  He then said that they recently had some MN guys at their grayling hatcheries and took around 5,000 grayling back to MN to try to re establish the population on the north shore.  I was very intrigued by this as I have never heard of grayling being In MN!  He said we used to have one of the best grayling fisheries in North America.  He also said the MN DNR tried stocking Canadian grayling but they didn’t last because the canadian fish are more lake oriented.   I found this very cool and was wondering if/what you know about grayling in MN!?

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MN grayling

I've heard of the extinct Michigan grayling, and I'd imagine that they were also in at least some of Minnesota.


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He was right, they were

He was right, they were stocked in MN lakes up in the Arrowhead area, the program failed though along with Kokanee, Ohrid trout, and some others.  Would be cool as hell to have grayling here again.  I found this researching a couple years ago, kind of interesting history on Grayling talks about MN.