2021 BWCA Lake Trout

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Tyler W
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2021 BWCA Lake Trout
I just got back from my annual spring lake trout fishing trip. This year was one for the record books! We ended the trip with 19 trout. The largest was 28 1/2". The trip was memorable for both the great fishing and our first brush with a forest fire.
Tyler W
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BWCA lake trout cont

The trip started off great. Our first night we went fishing for a few hours. My brother caught the first trout 15 minutes into our first trolling run. He did that two more times before I could get on the board! 

Trolling was working well, but then we started to catch them from camp. 

The biggest trout always come from dead bait soaked off camp. My best of the trip was 27". My brother continued his streak with a 28 1/2".

Eventually the black flies drove us out of camp and even away from shore. We trolled aimlessly in the middle of the lake when I graphed a fish. I predicted my brother would catch it...

But his streak was broken!

The last day was so hot and windy we didn't get out and fish very much. In fact the heat and wind finally put a damper on the black flies. But, it gave us something else to worry about. The Behzik Lake fire!

We got a little nervous when we found embers in the lake....

But it turns out we were in no real danger. The fire was actually pretty far away.


Key take aways from this years trout fishing.

The trout are where you find them. We caught trout in shallow water, deep water and suspended in very deep water. Trout stomachs from the same location contained perch or mayfly larva with no rhyme or reason. There wasn't one hot bait either. A silver perch tail dancer caught as many trout as a #5 jointed shad rap. 

At the same time, we caught trout in the same places we have caught them for years. Even though there was no one specific hot spot, all the old hot spots were just as good as we left them.

 When we got a fish we would mark it with a GPS and then loop back. We would then continue to loop back and forth until we didn't catch one. This would turn one trout into three pretty quickly. By the time we were done we had 19 trout from some pretty relaxed fishing. 

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great action

Wow, that sounds like a fun time.  Lots of fish and some lunkers too, all while camping in the Wilderness - can't beat that!

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Looks like a great trip!  Man

Looks like a great trip!  Man it would be fun to get into a bunch of Lakers, been too long

Jason E.
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Those are some beautiful fish

Those are some beautiful fish!  Black flies can sure make camping a hassle.  

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Nice Job. Looks like we were

Nice Job. Looks like we were up there the same time as you, but we only managed 3 Lakers. Beautiful weather, though!