2017 Spring Species Contest!

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2017 Spring Species Contest!

Just in case you don't know about the Roughfish.com Spring Species Contest, here's the scoop -

The contest runs the entire month of June. You buy a button to register and catch as many different types of standard (non-micro) species as you can. Just take a picture of the fish with the button, then upload it to the website in the Contest area.


At the end of June, whoever caught the most different species wins a custom-built fishing rod. You can choose whatever action and type of rod you want!


So sign up now, registration ends next week. Buy a button, and have some fun. Even if you don't win, it's fun to push yourself and see how many different fish you can catch. It's also fun to follow the race all month as the top competitors rack up strange and beautiful fish!


Still time to order a button, until next Wednesday or so. Go here to register - http://www.roughfish.com/node/add/contest-registration


Do it.  Challenge yourself to fish and have some more fun.



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Register by Wed 5/24!!!

In order to assure that your contest button or shirt will arrive before June 1st, please register for the Species Contest and make your payment by 9 PM tomorrow night.



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Hey Andy,

Hey Andy,

When my shirt arrived a button came with it, wasn't sure if that was a mistake.  Anyways, I just sent $10 this morning since I received a button.  It's okay if I am too late to officially get in the contest, on average I can fish about once every 2 weeks.  If I am in, it will be very low expecations for myself... but who knows maybe my "i'm in a contest" would work on my wife to help me get out a few more times.  :)

If I am in, is it correct that the shirt also functions as the button for entries?  Thought I read that somewhere.


CoolWater's Blog:  www.coolwaterfish.com

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Hey Andy, looks like you

Hey Andy, looks like you accidentally sent me two XL shirts instead of two 2XLs, it's no biggie and I know we won't be able to sort out a trade until after the contest starts most likely, but thought I'd ask how we should go about this.

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