2009 Roughfish.com Root River Roundup

Roundup 2009!

This roundup was a watershed event.  Not only was it the best turnout ever, but it marked the first award of the travelling trophy!  For a video of this Roundup, CLICK HERE!

It was a great year for silvers.  They were all over the place, and easy to spot in the low and clear water.  Weather was beautiful, which probably helped with the high turnout!

What a great float trip!  Everyone who floated the river had a great time.  It was awesome to come drifting into camp and see all the new arrivals fishing at Eagle Cliff.

The many islands of the Root proved to be fishing hotspots for the folks who took their watercraft on the river.

And there were even a few small rapids to be run!

This was the first year we've ever caught carpsuckers here.  Leakywaders started the whole thing with this River Carpsucker during the species derby.

But the many big silver redhorse were the star of the show.  It was a great year for silvers.

Leakywaders accepted the coveted silver redhorse trophy from last year's derby winner, Kevin.

The fish fry was a huge hit.  We made plenty of sucker patties, thanks to Rich bringing a deep fryer to make cooking them quicker and easier than ever before.

Captain Rainbow (Rich) was in full effect.

All in all, it was an incredible experience! 


For a cool video of this Roundup, CLICK HERE!





Species Covered: