Salmon, Atlantic uconn fishhead

Salmon, Atlantic
Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Maine
Date Caught: 
Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Both caught on a ultralight rapala trolled behind a Dipsy Diver. We chose this lake because the landlocked salmon are reportedly abundant (and thus slow growing). First pic is my personal best - 19", 1.5 lb.
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I need to catch one of those some day...

The Dipsy Divers seem to work well.  Cheap (<$16) alternative to downriggers.  Got the lures down to about 60 feet.  They require a stout rod because of the drag.  They have a release that stops them from diving after a fish (or you) gives a sharp tug.  Because the divers are so heavy, you need to have a good feel to tell if you have a small fish on.  It's weird to use a rod with 20lb braid with a 6lb leader (super light drag).

Anyway, the system works.  I'll try them at Lake Ontario next.  Still trying to catch a KIng.