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Did you use the magic purple Corky again?? 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Haha I did! But had my bait stolen off that rig :( 

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If I'm not mistaken ... Dorsal streaked rather than spotted with a black blotch at the back to boot.


Super cool!

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 Not your classic looking saugeye but definitely some walleye blood.   Which is pretty common I'm told.   Wouldn't surprise me if it is 75% Sauger. Definitely a neat fish, like a Sauger with a walleye dorsal

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If it is, she can still count it as either of the parent species. 

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No argument here Graceclaw!


I've been fishing waters with both parents species for a long time in hopes of a Saugeye ... from what I've read they make up 2-3% of the populatuion ... apparently I'm not even that lucky.  Should just throw away my lottery tickets now :(

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Yeah I was thinking maybe saugeye too, definitely an odd one

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It a saugeye...classic appearance of the hatchery raised and stocked variety...I’d guess that you caught it in Kansas after ur Missouri fishing?

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Nope, Minnesota out of the mighty Miss :) 

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Nevermind...that is lucky cool catch then