My First Sucker!

Thursday, February 8, 2018
Sucker, Spotted
14 inches, 15oz

One of my goals this year, since becoming a rough-fisherman was to start catching suckers. With the help of my new fish friend Tim, I got good advice on gear and tactics, and once it warmed up I set out to a local pond that I knew had suckers in it. I had thought, based on posts from other fishermen, that this pond held white suckers, which I thought were a reasonable (and most abundant) sucker species to target in my area. In previous visits to this pond targeting "game fish", I had seen suckers swimming around, but was unable to catch them.

I got to the spot on a nice warm day, hoping the activity in the pond was starting to warm up too. After 4 hours of fishing without a bite and slowly losing hope to land my first ever sucker, the bite turned on. I saw fish of all species (Largemouth, Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch, Bluegill, and an unknown sucker) prowling the banks for their next meal. I regained hope, and re-baited my hooks. I dragged my wacky-rigged worm along the bottom and got my first two bites and small largemouth and a nice 8 inch yellow perch, but my third bite would be the one that I remember! A rocket took my hook and faught like hell, pulling drag on my light-weight setup. This had to be a sucker, I had heard they are good fighter. I pulled it in, hoping to quickly ID my first white sucker, take photos and release it, when I noticed he was speckled from head to fin with gorgeous black spots at the base of each scale. A spotted sucker, truly a great surprise!

Not bad a bad first sucker to cross off the list!


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Very cool catch!  Congrats!

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Ah Tim didn't teach you much that you already didn't know, hopefully we can meet up soon and all fish together again.

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It's crazy to me that you went out looking for suckers, fished a pond, and ended up with catostoma's white whale. You are a charmed person. Welcome to the world of roughfish!

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Great first sucker! Mine was a quillback. Blew my mind. Haven't caught another one in the 10 years since.


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Thanks Guys!!

Casey, yes hopefully very soon!

Graceclaw, Thank you man. Definitely surprised when I pulled up a spotted sucker. Right place, right time of year, good weather, patience, decent techniques, and a little luck. But the kind words are very appreciated. Hopefully I will continue to be blessed as I pursue more suckers!

Gunnar, Thanks man! Quillback is a great first sucker also! I am hoping for Quillback by me. Have seen a bunch in the river, but they have not been interested in any bait I have offered...