Sucker, Sonora Casey Shanaberger

Sucker, Sonora
Lower Salt River, AZ
Date Caught: 
Friday, March 9, 2018


RoughFish's picture

Nice fish Casey

andy's picture

Cool catch, man!

Goldenfishberg's picture

Your out there just lifer-ing it up lately man! Nice freakin work, such a neat sucker the Sonora, a big want of mine. bigly. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Thanks Guys! this fish might be up there with one of my favorite catches!

"I swear if you catch another drum"

Graceclaw's picture

Dude, I kinda hate you right now for all the cool stuff you've been catching. Sonora and Desert Suckers are high on my lifetime want-list - they're so freaking cool!

Hengelaar's picture

Aww sweet! That's rad, man. Love seeing Sonorans. Always takes me back to my days by the Salt River.

Congrabs on a cool lifer!

Fishn sure is neat

Casey Shanaberger's picture

Thanks dude! The Salt is one of the coolest rivers I've ever fished. Reminds me of the Root in MN!

"I swear if you catch another drum"

Carp Chaser's picture

Awesome catch! That fish is ridiculously cool looking.

"There's always a bigger fish"