Late winter action on the Sugar River.

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Late winter action on the Sugar River.

I went out  on the Sugar River just south of Madison for a couple of hours after work yesterday. Wasn't expecting to catch anything, just scouting around.  I tried a nice deep pool I discovered last fall, and was surprised to find fish. Ended up catching a few golden and shorthead redhorse, a white sucker, a few  carp, and about 30 silver redhorse.


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That’s a nice mixed bag,

That’s a nice mixed bag, looks like a good spot.

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I like the Sugar

I have fished the Sugar a few times. A very neat river that really changes as it flows. 
It is very hard to find what fish are there but once you start catching you realize there is a lot of species to catch.

It is all perspective!

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Man, that looks nice. Bring

Man, that looks nice. Bring on that run.

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Super sweet!

Making me jealous buddy! We are still vury much in the throws of winter here, Smelly ass Father Winter is still unbottoning his britches and squatting over much of the state in MN. I. Can't. Wait. For. Spring. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Love it!

It's a go to river for me in June! Lot's of Hog Suckers!



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