Root River Roundup 2018 Date is Set!

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Root River Roundup 2018 Date is Set!

The historic event will be held




May 11-13 at Eagle Cliffs Campground near Lanesboro, MN.



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Count me in!


Casey Shanaberger
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I'll make the trip again this year! Spring feels a tad closer now!

2017 Undisputed Iowa Small Drum and Creek Chub Champion

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Oh yes.

Oh yes.

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Open for all?

I'd be very interested in going to this event.  Are there any prerequisites for attending or can anyone come? 

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I plan on coming.

Let's see if I can get a quilly this year...

All fish are beautiful.

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Everyone is welcome to join!

DumbFace2525, you're officially invited.  Trust me, you'll have a great time.  We will share details about the agenda and stuff as we get closer to the event.