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I decided to take advantage of the warm weather today and try to find some redhorse. I ended up catching five out of a big river in about three hours. Three shorties, one silver, one golden.






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Nice redhorse dude!

You are the first person in my general area I know of to get any redhorse.  It's late Winter.  It ain't easy to find a bite right now, and I gotta congratulate you my man.  Kick ass fishin right there, nice job.

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Glad you had nice weather it

Glad you had nice weather it snowed today in Pa BLAH!

Beautiful fish dood

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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Man that must feel gooooood!!

Man that must feel gooooood!! Well done 29.

I cut through 36'' of ice today:(




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Nicely done, Sir!  

Nicely done, Sir!


Fishn sure is neat

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Front page news! Nice man, real nice. So lemme get this straight. You was catchin cats thru the ice one day, and then catchin horse in open water the next? Cool stuff right there.

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Its so freaking exciting to s

Its so freaking exciting to see open water and redhorse again.  Worst winter I can ever remember.  It was our first 60 degree day yesterday since Oct 15th.   

Jason E.
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Nice work.  I'm still pulling

Nice work.  I'm still pulling dinky perch through the ice.

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Nice fish!!!

Great to see those redhorse!



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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That was a fine afternoon of fishing man (even if I only caught one). 


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Nice catches! 

I was there this past weekend.  It was hitting.  Caught a few as well, but off flies on spinning tackle. 

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Ben it's funny that I type in

Ben it's funny that I type in and see your face with a redhorse showcasing the site.  Great job.  Let's hook up on the Cannon in a few weeks once it gets prime.  Still a tad too swift last I checked.


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Nice fish!!!  Glad the ice is

Nice fish!!!  Glad the ice is finally breaking apart up here as well, it's been a long time coming and a lousy, cold, winter in the ice box.