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Eric Kol's pictureEric Kol

100th species entered in contest

I just uploaded what I believe to be the 100th species entered in the 2018 contest. Grass Pickeral 
1 comments 4 hours 37 min ago
andy's pictureandy

2018 non-fish centric photos

To avoid awesome photos being buried, please post your 2018 June contest photo entries for non-fish here.  At the end of June we will vote for the winner!    
1 comments 1 day 21 hours ago


Help with Changing Account Settings

Hello all. I have been on the site for a few months but just added fish to my list recently. I have a few questions regarding my login information. Safari auto-filled in my password to my account when I created it, and as such I cannot log into my...
2 comments 2 days 2 hours ago
Logperch28's pictureLogperch28

Hogsucker ID...

I was lucky enough to get my lifer hogsucker today, a real milestone for me! The hogsucker in question was caught in the Roanoke River and the lips look a little funky to me, leading me to believe that this may be a Roanoke hogsucker. However, I may...
2 comments 4 days 1 hour ago
Phil's picturePhil

Dubious Black Buffalo record

Disheartening to read the account of the valiant battle between man (apparently it was actually two men) and fish as this "angler" reeled in the giant "sucker fish" while bowfishing.   A Muskegon man has reeled in a massive black buffalo fish...
3 comments 5 days 4 hours ago